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Company Name Chien Fa Paper Pipe Co., Ltd.
Tel 886-4-7872656
Country Taiwan
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Address No. 11, Ln. 100, Changsheng St., Huatan Township, Changhua County 503, Taiwan
Main Product Paper Straw
Paper Tubes for (Synthetic) Fibers
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Established in 1986, ChienFa Paper Pipe Co., Ltd. Which is originally an enterprise specializing in the production of chemical fiber paper tubes. Over the past 32 years, we have continuously increased the variety of products and improved the quality and precision of paper tubes. We continuously update our equipment and improve. The company's quality management system, striving for the highest quality and the most prompt service concept, provide our professional and solutions for many paper tube demanders.

In recent years, plastic straws have been discussed for environmental protection issues, and we are beginning to think about what kind of changes can be made to the society and the environment as a paper tuber. Taking this as an opportunity, Chienfa began to evaluate the future development and applicability of paper straws. After the introduction of the first set of equipment in 2017, it began mass production and gradually increased production capacity after the process was stable to meet future market demand.

Brand Concept

[Taiwan SUGONG] was founded in 2018 and is a self-owned brand of a food-grade micro paper tube under the Chien Fa company.

Foreigners call our country "Taiwan" in English, and we use the Taiwanese language to call straw "SUGONG", and we hope to introduce the charm of Taiwan products to the world again with Taiwan SUGONG.

Straw, a product that is very convenient and difficult to replace for human beverages. The raw materials are advanced from the most original straw to the paper roll, and the process and output are rapidly developing, but the convenience behind it brings environment and biology. The burden is also increasing.

The straw should not appear in the ocean or in any living organism. The most important thing for any type of straw is to be properly recycled after use. Taiwan SUGONG is simply to hope that in the application of paper straws, the global environment can be more friendly without losing its convenience. We insist that the raw paper is not coated and does not undergo any plasticizing treatment. The original features, in addition to allowing consumers to use the peace of mind to ensure the ease of recycling after use; and the use of FSC-certified reclaimed forest paper in the raw materials, the protection of the original forest is a part of our considerable attention.

Taiwan SUGONG is not just a straw. It is more hopeful to remind people that while using disposable convenience product

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Paper Straw
Paper Tubes for (Synthetic) Fibers
Paper Tubes for Industrial Use
Paper Tubes for Packing