Vincent Vacuum Tech Co., Ltd.

Company Profile
Company Name Vincent Vacuum Tech Co., Ltd.
Tel 886-3-4726665
Fax 886-3-4726675
Country Taiwan
City Taoyuan City
Zip/Postal Code 326
Address No.30, Minlong Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Main Product 1. Vacuum heat treatment furnaces
2. Various vacuum heat treatment
3. Metal powder injection molding (MIM)
Company Profile

Vincent Vacuum Tech. Co., Ltd. (Vincent Tech.) has been at the forefront of the vacuum heat treatment industries for more than thirteen years. We are mainly recognized as an outstanding supplier of vacuum heat-treated products and other related services in the industry. Sticking to the core values as quality, excellence and customers’ satisfaction, we grow prosperously by valuing our clients with high-level competitiveness. 

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces

In order to meet clients’ need in different industries, Vincent has the most experienced R&D Team which enables our company to design, produce and customize the finest vacuum furnaces in the business. We offer series of furnaces such as Vacuum Burnout Furnace, Vacuum Debinding and Sintering Furnace, and Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace, etc. Those furnaces are loaded with advanced interface systems and widely applied to many fields including LEDs, metal injection molding (MIM), ITs and solar power manufacturing, and so on. 

Service Related to Vacuum Heat Treatment
We are known for processing the heat treatment and MIM because of the leading position of thermal processing technology. Our specialists of the R&D enable Vincent to develop the innovative and customized tooling that is durable with remarkable quality on current markets. We have also developed some specific parts requested from worldwide customers of many fields, for example, hi-tech products, hardware and military weapons. With our superior expertise and service, we are confident to provide our clients with both the professional design valuation and the quality products.

Core Values:

Clients are our most valuable asset, while the long-term business relationship among our clients, suppliers, and partners is our foundation. That is, we aim at building a mutually beneficial situation with our clients.

Company Products (5)
Vacuum Furnace
Vacuum Heat Treatment
Metal Injection Molding