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Product Name
Aluminum extrusions for optoelectronic products
Product Description

Aluminum extrusions are commonly used in the photovoltaic industry as protections and supports, such as aluminum frames and brackets for solar systems, or lamp holders and shades for LED lights

If the customized aluminum extrusion material is used for indoor lighting, 6063 aluminum alloy is generally selected as the raw material. If it is used outdoors, such as on solar panels, it will often choose 6005 aluminum extruded material with better corrosion resistance because it must be able to adapt to weather changes,

We extrude aluminum alloy raw materials through high-temperature extrusion molding by the extruder and then performs cutting, aging and other processes after cooling to ensure that the physical properties such as hardness, strength, and toughness of the aluminum extruded products which meet customer requirements. 

In addition, hardness test, tensile test, damage test and other tests can also be performed according to customer requirements, and test reports are provided.